14 TOP Reasons You should invest in ForteCoin

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According to Wikipedia, a cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange. It is said to be a kind of alternative digital (or virtual) currency.

As a result of their immense abilities to create unrestricted wealth for their users, ease currency exchange and enhance financial transaction, cryptocurrencies have seen a surge in interest in recent years.

From time to time, new cryptocurrencies are being created and released into the crypto market, to the admiration and warm reception of enthusiasts, adopters and investors.

One of these absolutely great, value-adding digital assets is ForteCoin!

ForteCoin is a unique cryptocurrency built on Ethereum’s blockchain technology.

It is a utility and tradable token that will be launched on October 8, 2018 through its listing on numerous online exchanges.

Bela Balog, ForteCoin Co-Founder

Buy FOTC at $0.56 Now (Presale Ends 30th September, 2018)!

Apart from using ForteCoin to buy and sell, it can also be used for payment of services and physical outlets globally.

ForteCoin’s token, FOTC, will continuously increase in value because of the valuable projects behind it.

Kelvin Collins, ForteCoin Co-Founder

Buy FOTC at $0.56 Now (Presale Ends 30th September, 2018)!

And one unique thing about the ForteCoin’s Co-Founders’ confidence about their token’s continuous value increase is their clearly-planned roadmap which outlines new developmental projects both for the rest of 2018 and beyond.

Below are the 14 reasons you should invest in ForteCoin.

Buy FOTC at $0.56 Now (Presale Ends 30th September, 2018)!

1. Forward Looking Roadmap

The team behind ForteCoin is forward-looking, judging by its roadmap of various projects being/to be executed around the cryptocurrency.

Crypto experts regularly advise crypto investors to only invest in crypocurrencies that have valuable projects being built around it.

That means, by investing in ForteCoin, you’re making a rewarding decision.

2. Global Reach

It it common knowledge that the more a product becomes popular, the more people want to use it.

And in the case of a cryptocurrency, the more popular it becomes, the more valuable it becomes. This because more people would want to invest in it.

Though still relatively new, ForteCoin has achieved some level of popularity given its wider reach.

This cryptocurrency created in 2018, is already present in four continents of the world and boasts of having a large spread of networks.

ForteCoin’s growing popularity will no doubt ensure it covers more continents and territories, with time.

This will eventually have a positive effect on its value, as more people know about and invest in it.

Hence, investing in ForteCoin will bring you a desirable ROI eventually.

3. Multicurrency Coin

You want to invest in a digital currency that you can exchange with as many crypto/fiat currencies as possible.

ForteCoin offers you that!

Already, ForteCoin’s FOTC is paired with other cryptocurrencies on the various exchanges it has been listed.

This means ForteCoin as a multi currency coin can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc, and fiat currencies like USD, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, etc.

And the crypto company has promised to be increasing the number of currencies you can pair FOTC with.

4. Advanced Security System

Being created on the Ethereum’s blockchain technology means a lot to the security of ForteCoin.

ForteCoin is said to be constantly working on its token’s security system as it promises its coin holders robust security for the ForteCoin wallet that will hold their coins.

With that in mind, your ForteCoin investment will always be secure.

5. Tradability

ForteCoin is a highly tradable token.

You can use the coin to pay for goods and services such as real estate companies, clearing and forwarding agents, payment of rent and so on.

As a travellers’ coin, paying for hotel reservation, resort and transportation becomes easier for you.

Buy FOTC at $0.56 Now (Presale Ends 30th September, 2018)!

6. ForteCoin’s Unique Exchange

ForteCoin’s exchange is a unique, instant cryptocurrency exchange platform powered by CoinSwitch.

on the exchange, you can trade 300+ coins without creating an account on any exchange. Isn’t that interesting?

Also, On the platform, you can exchange coins for over 45000 possible cryptocurrency pairs from all major exchanges.

There, trading is done in three steps:

  • Comparing rates across exchanges and find the best exchange rate.
  • Converting your coins by following simple steps to exchange your cryptocurrency.
  • Tracking your order progress with the platform’s simplified and intuitive UI.

7. Token Value

While other cryotocurrencies (even some of the popular ones) are still struggling to be valued at $1, ForteCoin, despite still being relatively new, has already passed that.

Presently, 1 FOTC is valued at $4 (1FOTC = $4).

Although, generally, these digital assets are obviously characterized with volatility and unpredictability, ForteCoin’s present token value is an indication of strong price performance among its peers.

Besides, the great projects being created around the cryptocurrency will ensure ForteCoin keeps increasing in value.

Therefore, if you invest in ForteCoin now, you can expect to eat the ripe fruit of your investment in the nearest future.

8. Partnership

Generally, strategic partnership between companies going into it tends to elicit trust and reliability.

Also, it gives the public an impression that the company initiating the partnership deal is serious about achieving great things with its products or services.

ForteCoin is already demonstrating these qualities by striking partnership deals with clothing, wristwatch, software, crypto-related, etc, brands, in furtherance of its goal of making ForteCoin a value-adding cryptocurrency.

By investing in ForteCoin, therefore, you will be enjoying regular value addition.

9. E-commerce Platform

Another great move from ForteCoin is its e-commerce platform: FortCoin Shop.

ForteCoin Shop represents a community of buyers and sellers of goods, service providers, travellers and tourists.

As a merchant website, ForteCoin Shop is aimed at making life better and cheaper for everyone on the platform by connecting manufacturers and dealers to their customers all over the world, using ForteCoin’s blockchain technology.

The benefits of listing your products or services on ForteCoin Shop include:

  • Massive patronage from ForteCoin community all over the world.
  • You make 20% profit already on every sale made on ForteCoin Shop.
  • Payments are made to you before delivery.

The benefits of accepting ForteCoin as a currency of payment include, the following:

  • Your coins are secured on the ForteCoin’s blockchain.
  • You can easily exchange your coins with any cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies of your choice.

ForteCoin Shop, purchase of all goods and payment of services are made using ForteCoin’s token, FOTC.

10. FOTC’s Child Token

FOTCe (FOTC economy) is the child token of FOTC.

It is the exclusive payment currency used in the ForteCoin Shop by merchants and buyers.

On the ForteCoin’s e-commerce platform, merchants accept 100% FOTCe from their buyers. And you can easily and always convert your FOTCe to FOTC.

FOTCe has fixed exchange rate:

1 FOTCe = $2

FOTCe is also the ForteCoin bonus or point.

Buy FOTC at $0.56 Now (Presale Ends 30th September, 2018)!

11. Pension Scheme

One of the unique projects of ForteCoin is the ForteCoin Pension.

ForteCoin Pension is aimed at encouraging people to adequately prepare for retirement by investing in ForteCoin, and expect their pension investment to be worth more than they invested in few years’ time.

You can imagine using 20% of your monthly salary to buy FOTC and then keep it in the ForteCoin’s blockchain to plan for your retirement.

Your retirement savings are totally safe as a result of the blockchain technology used in building the wallet holding your funds.

Another interesting thing is that you are able to exchange your coins with USD and other local currencies whenever you need a fiat currency.

12. Payment Gateway

ForteCoin Pay is a fast and easy way to make and receive payment using ForteCoin’s Point of Sales (POS) machine and its crypto Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

Don’t you desire a crypto firm that will make it very easy for you to make and receive payment when you want it?

13. International Trade Fair

As one of its great projects, the crypto company will be hosting an annual international trade fair, which will be flagged off in 2019.

This yearly event will, no doubt, have a positive impact on Forte Coin and your investment.

A purposeful and well-planned international trade fair will certainly stand ForteCoin out and make it more valuable.

Hence, when you invest in ForteCoin, you’re investing in a uniquely valuable cryptocurrency.

14. Multiple Exchange Listing

The ForteCoin team is taking giant strides to make sure its cryptocurrency becomes successful.

One of the ways it is doing this is by listing FOTC on as many emerging and established crypto exchanges as possible, so as to:

  • enable more people across the world to conveniently trade with FOTC;
  • encrease FOTC’s trading volume;
  • and ultimately make FOTC’s value soar higher.

Some of the popular exchanges ForteCoin is already listed on are as follows:

With many exchanges at your disposal, you can compare crypto pairings, trading fees and ease of transaction before settling for your exchange of your choice.


The foregoing are enough reasons for you to invest in ForteCoin now, because your investment will definitely be worth it at the end of the day.

Together with ForteCoin, you can build your a better, stronger and brighter future.