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Indian Government May Block IP Addresses of Crypto Exchanges

Indian Government May Block IP Addresses of Crypto ExchangesAs the Indian government prepares to introduce the cryptocurrency bill, there are reports that it is considering blocking the IP addresses of cryptocurrency exchanges. Despite ban reports, many people in the Indian crypto community believe that the government will not impose an outright ban on cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. Blocking IP Addresses of Crypto Trading Platforms […]

Morgan Stanley Making 3 Bitcoin Funds Available to Clients

Morgan Stanley to Make Bitcoin Funds Available to ClientsOne of the largest U.S. investment banks, Morgan Stanley, will be offering its wealth management clients access to bitcoin funds. Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and Bank of America’s wealth management divisions do not currently allow their advisors to offer direct investment in bitcoin funds. Morgan Stanley to Offer Wealth Clients Access to Bitcoin Funds Investment […]

American Conservative Pundit Ben Shapiro Endorses Bitcoin Hinting at Libertarian Holy Grail

The highly popular right-wing commentator devoted a 15-minute Youtube video to inform his followers of the merits and potential that bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies, in general, as an anti-government monetary system. The grassroots embracement of bitcoin is the first of its kind in the alt-right American universe. Crypto Adoption is Taking a Surprising Right Turn in […]

Canada Has Approved Two Bitcoin ETFs — First One Starts Trading Today

Canada Has Approved Two Bitcoin ETFs — First One Starts Trading TodayTwo bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have been approved in Canada. Evolve Bitcoin ETF has become the second bitcoin ETF to get approval by Canada’s securities regulator. The first approved bitcoin ETF starts trading Thursday. Some believe that the approval of bitcoin ETFs in Canada improves the chances of one being approved by the U.S. Securities […]

GPU hardware firm riles gaming community by flirting with crypto miners

Hungry for coin? A computing hardware firm has angered gamers after apparently marketing the already scarce Nvidia RTX 30 series to cryptocurrency miners.

Computing hardware manufacturer Zotac angered a customer base of loyal gamers on Feb. 16 after it posted a tweet apparently marketing its new Nvidia 30 series graphics cards to cryptocurrency miners.

Zotac’s post showed a stack of what looks to be GeForce RTX 3070 White Edition GPUs, along with the caption, “An army of ZOTAC GAMING GPUs hungry for coin!"

The availability of Nvidia’s 30 series graphics cards plunged moving into the new year, while their cost exploded. By late December 2020, Ether (ETH) miners could make $12,000 a month (depending on electricity costs) by combining 78 of Nvidia’s RTX 3080 GPUs. Since then, potential mining income has more than doubled, after the value of Ether increased 140% in the intervening period.

Not every Zotac follower on Twitter was pleased with the apparent attempt to court cryptocurrency miners. One user replied:

“Too bad those aren't in the hands of all the gamers and PC enthusiasts as well...Especially the white limited edition that miners don't care about."

Another user, MWausE, tried to persuade Nvidia to stop supplying Zotac with GPUs if they weren’t going to be sold to gamers. They wrote:

“Dear @NVIDIAGeForce @nvidia, could you please Stop supplying Zotac with any New GPUs!! They are clearly not interested in selling them to loyal gamers."

The shortage of high-end graphics cards amid a renewed cryptocurrency bull run saw the cost of Nvidia’s 30 series cards almost double since release — from $699 in September, to around $1,300 at the time of publication.

Even portable computers that contain the 30 series GPU have been snapped up by Ethereum miners in China, who have constructed mining farms made from stacks of interconnected laptops.

In January, Nvidia’s chief financial officer, Colette Kress, assured gamers that they were still the main focus of the firm’s attention, and claimed the current shortage was a result of increased demand from gamers alone.

Bitcoin Marketplace Keepchange Suffers Data Breach — No Funds Stolen During the Incident

Bitcoin Marketplace Keepchange Suffers Data Breach — No Funds Stolen During the IncidentA bitcoin company is the latest victim of a data breach incident, where hackers managed to access customers’ full names and email addresses. Moreover, attackers sent withdrawal requests from the company customers’ accounts to addresses belonging to the hackers. Marketplace Warns Users of Phishing Attacks According to the announcement, Keepchange clarified that attackers stole part […]

Twitter looking into Bitcoin payments for employees, says CFO

"We’ve done a lot of the upfront thinking to consider how we might pay employees should they ask to be paid in Bitcoin," said Ned Segal.

Twitter may be the next major company to purchase Bitcoin, according to the tech firm's chief financial officer.

In an interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box today, Ned Segal, who has served as the CFO of Twitter since 2017, responded to questions about how Twitter would react to Tesla’s recent $1.5 billion Bitcoin (BTC) investment this week. Segal said the tech firm was watching other companies closely, and discussed potentially adding the crypto asset to its own books or using it for Twitter employees' salaries.

“We’ve done a lot of the upfront thinking to consider how we might pay employees should they ask to be paid in Bitcoin, how we might pay a vendor should they ask to be paid in Bitcoin, and whether we need to have Bitcoin on our balance sheet,” said Segal.

Though the CFO said Twitter hasn’t “made any changes yet,” he added that the tipping point could come if enough people are interested in conducting BTC transactions with the tech firm.

“When we hedge currencies, when we do business in another country, when we think about all the different exposures that we have, we’re really trying to match our assets and our liabilities, and we take the same approach to Bitcoin that we do to all the other types of risks that we have.”

With a market capitalization of more than $51 billion, Twitter is a fraction of the value of a company like Tesla, whose market cap has risen to $780 billion this week. Following the news Tesla had purchased $1.5 billion of Bitcoin and was considering accepting it for payments, the price of Bitcoin reached a new all-time high of $48,200. If other multi-billion dollar firms announced similar purchases or adoption plans, it could help push the price even higher.

“Every CFO is going to be asked now that Tesla made the move,” said Bitcoin bull Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano in response to Segal’s interview.

"These are just the early innings of corporate adoption, as digital currencies are beginning to play a larger role in robust balance sheet management," said Nathan Cox, the CIO at Two Prime, an investment firm specializing in digital assets. He added:

"We’ve been having many conversations with corporates to create clear Bitcoin strategies for their treasury reserves as a hedge against inflation. Announcements like these from corporate giants serve as a signal of what’s to come."

Twitter stock has risen more than 11% since the tech firm's most recent earnings report yesterday. However, the price of Bitcoin dipped 5% overnight to reach $44,880 at time of publication.

Report: Bitcoin Overtakes Gold in the U.S. as the 4th Most Popular Investment Vehicle

Research by Bitflyer released today indicates the growing popularity of the cryptocurrency as an American household investment option. But not in Japan. Stocks Remain the #1 Investment Vehicle Bitflyer, a Japanese crypto exchange, released a research paper that dives into cryptocurrency sentiment and investment trends in the U.S. and compares them to the Japanese market. […]

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