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Fantom Launches NFT Marketplace Artion – Platform Aims to ‘Unburden Creators of High Fees’

On September 24, 2021, the Fantom Foundation announced the launch of a new non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace that aims to compete with the myriad of NFT markets out there today. The market dubbed Artion is an NFT marketplace built on the Fantom network and claims to bolster “0% commissions, with the near-zero transaction costs.” Fantom […]

The ‘Feels Guy’ Gets Blockchained — Rare Wojak NFT Project to Launch 4,000 Randomly Generated Wojaks

The 'Feels Guy' Gets Blockchained — Rare Wojak NFT Project to Launch 4,000 Randomly Generated WojaksWhile Pepe the frog and Doge made it into the limelight with unique and rare non-fungible token (NFT) assets, another NFT meme collection tied to the infamous 2010 meme “Wojak” has entered the fray. A new NFT collection stemming from the web portal called has leveraged the notorious, old-school meme to release a compilation […]

These 3 NFT Projects Collectively Captured Over $10 Billion in Sales

These 3 NFT Projects Collectively Captured Over $10 Billion in SalesNon-fungible token (NFT) assets have taken the world by storm in 2021 and three current projects in the NFT universe have seen sales stretch into the billions. Statistics show that the NFT marketplace Opensea, the blockchain NFT game Axie Infinity, and the digital collectible series Cryptopunks have collectively captured over $10 billion in sales. Opensea, […]

Snoop Dogg Partners With Virtual Blockchain World Sandbox — Rapper Plans to Recreate His Mansion and Drop NFTs

Snoop Dogg Partners With Virtual Blockchain World Sandbox — Rapper Plans to Recreate His Mansion and Drop NFTsFollowing the American rapper Snoop Dogg doxing himself as a crypto whale with millions of dollars worth of non-fungible token (NFT) assets, Snoop has revealed he has partnered with the virtual gaming world Sandbox. According to the announcement, Snoop is recreating his mansion in Sandbox and will be launching his new NFT collection. Virtual ‘Trees’: […]

Wormhole Releases Solana and Ethereum NFT Bridge — A Bi-Directional Highway for Blockchain Collectibles

Wormhole Releases Solana and Ethereum NFT Bridge — A Bi-Directional Highway for Blockchain CollectiblesLast Friday, blockchain project the Wormhole Network launched the protocol’s ethereum ↔ solana bridge which enables users to exchange assets from both networks in a cross-chain fashion. Five days later, the Wormhole Network team announced the launch of a non-fungible token (NFT) bridge for transferring NFTs between both blockchains. Wormhole Launches Ethereum ↔ Solana NFT […]

NFT Fantasy Football Platform Sorare Raises $680 Million in Series B Led by Softbank

NFT Fantasy Football Platform Sorare Raises $680 Million in Series B Led by SoftbankOn September 21, the non-fungible token (NFT) fantasy football platform Sorare announced the company raised $680 million in a Series B funding round led by Softbank. The capital raise gives Sorare a new valuation of around $4.3 billion and the company plans to open a U.S.-based office. Sorare Reveals $680M Capital Raise Non-fungible token (NFT) […]

Largest NFT Market by Volume Opensea Launches Smartphone Application

Largest NFT Market by Volume Opensea Launches Smartphone ApplicationOn September 17, the largest non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace in terms of volume, Opensea, announced the launch of the platform’s mobile application. Opensea marketplace users can now access a wide variety of NFT collections on their smartphones by downloading the application from Apple’s App Store or the Google Play store. Opensea Launches Mobile App for […]

Cryptocurrency Is Picking up Steam in Small Cities in India: Report

indiaCryptocurrency usage and trading are experiencing a boom in India, and most of this growth is coming from small cities. According to reports from local exchanges, the growth has been exponential. The profile of these new participants has also been interesting, as they are highly educated, not only focused just on bitcoin, and are open […]

NFT Market Sales Begin to Improve After Last Week’s Massive Market Slump

NFT Market Sales Begin to Improve After Last Week's Massive Market SlumpSeven days ago, non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces saw sales nosedive after reaching all-time highs during the month of August. A week later sales have rebounded to a degree and NFT marketplaces like Opensea, Rarible, and Superrare have seen improvements in terms of seven-day trade volumes. Opensea, Rarible, Hic et nunc, Makersplace, Superrare See NFT Weekly […]

Opensea NFT Marketplace Claims Employee Profited From Insider Information

Opensea NFT Marketplace Claims Employee Profited From Insider InformationOn September 15, the top non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, Opensea, revealed that an Opensea executive profited from insider trading. “Yesterday we learned that one of our employees purchased items that they knew were set to display on our front page before they appeared there publicly,” Opensea informed the public on Wednesday. Opensea did not name […]

Dapper Labs and Flow Blockchain to Get a Boost From Big Tech as Studio Partners With Google

Dapper Labs and Flow Blockchain to Get a Boost From Big Tech as Studio Partners With GoogleGoogle is joining forces with the blockchain firm Dapper Labs in order to help bolster Web3 development, blockchain gaming, and non-fungible token (NFT) technology. The blockchain company’s CEO Roham Gharegozlou tweeted about the deal on Tuesday noting that the firm was “amped to welcome Google to the Flow blockchain.” Google to Collaborate With Dapper Labs […]

NFT Market Sales Drop by More Than 50% — Popular NFT Collection Trade Volumes Nosedive

After non-fungible token (NFT) sales soared during the month of August, the first week of September’s NFT sales has been awful. Statistics show the number of sales in mid-August tapped a high of 193,693 sales but plummeted 86% to 27,053 sales on September 10. Metrics from the most used marketplaces show that volume has slid […]

Hip Hop Star Ja Rule Discusses the Growing NFT Space and Crypto — ‘I Like the Fact That Bitcoin Is Decentralized’

The non-fungible token (NFT) industry has exploded in 2021 as millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies continue to be traded for these blockchain collectibles every single day. This week, News chatted with the popular American rapper Ja Rule about NFTs as he has partnered with James Cropcho and Robert Testagrossa to build a marketplace […]

Leading Auction House Sotheby’s Auctions 107 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs for $24 Million

Leading Auction House Sotheby's Auctions 107 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs for $24 MillionThe British-founded American multinational corporation headquartered in New York City, Sotheby’s, closed the Yuga Labs “101 Bored Ape Yacht Club” non-fungible token (NFT) collection auction at $24.3 million for the lot. The auction ended on September 10 and surpassed the expected settlement for the NFT lot which was estimated to be around $12-18 million. The […]

Countdown to Cardano’s Hard Fork: Goguen Phase Smart Contracts ‘Represent a Big Step Forward’

The digital currency network Cardano is two days away from the upcoming hard fork on September 12 and the community is expecting to see functional smart contracts. These can be used for decentralized finance (defi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and other types of decentralized applications (dapps). Cardano has managed to capture the third-largest crypto market capitalization […]

NFT Survey With Over 40K Respondents Indicates Americans Trust NFT Investments More Than Britons

In 2021, two very distinct crypto trends stood out which include non-fungible token (NFT) assets and decentralized finance (defi), as billions of dollars in crypto has flooded into these sectors. On September 7, Piplsay, a global consumer research platform, polled 30,870 Americans and 9,170 Britons to get some insight on what consumers think about NFTs […]

Standard Chartered Report Structurally Values Ethereum at ‘$26K to $35K’

Standard Chartered Report Structurally Values Ethereum at '$26K to $35K'A report published by the British bank Standard Chartered indicates the company’s analysts are bullish about the crypto asset ethereum. The bank’s analysts think that bitcoin could reach $175K and said “structurally, we ‘value’ ethereum at $26,000-$35,000.” British Bank Publishes ‘Ethereum Investor Guide,’ Formulates the Economic Case for Ethereum’ The British multinational banking and financial […]

Nifty News: Dolce & Gabbana’s historic NFTs, ’26 minute’ CryptoPunk flip, FTX spammed

People on Twitter were accusing Pranksy of wash trading a CryptoPunk NFT, Dolce & Gabbana is auctioning luxury NFTs to “approved bidders” and FTX was spammed with tokenized fish.

Dolce & Gabbana knocking on the Dior of NFTs

Luxury Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana is entering the NFT sector with a nine-piece collection of tokenized fashion pieces in collaboration with the Polygon-based UNXD marketplace.

The firm was founded by designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in 1985 and has since evolved into a multinational giant that offers high-end fashion items for eye-watering prices.

Dubbed “Collezione Genesi” the collection consists of nine one-of-one NFTs that are up for auction starting Sept. 20. The NFTs depict illustrations and digital art of garments designed by Dolce and Gabbana, which can be utilized as wearables in an unspecified metaverse.

Ordinary NFT fans won’t be able to ape into this one as the firm is only allowing “approved bidders” to participate in the exclusive auction. The firm tweeted on Sept. 7:

“This is a celebration of human artistry and craftsmanship. Of what humans can do that machines simply cannot on their own. These creations, both digital and physical, are magical. They took thousands upon thousands of hours to craft. They will 100% end up in a museum one day.”

While details are sparse at the time of publication, the firm has hinted at long-term ambitions in the NFT space after stating that it will unveil an “exciting roadmap” next week.

“As with all successful NFT projects, this debut collection is not where the story ends, but where it truly begins. Winning collectors/hodlers can also be assured there will be more exclusive surprises for them in the future,” the firm said.

Temporary CryptoPunk mystery

There were reports this week that well known NFT whale Pranksy held a CryptoPunk NFT for just 26 minutes before selling for a $1.23 million profit.

Web Smith, a writer for online publication 2PMinc highlighted the half hour NFT trade via Twitter on Sept. 6 and noted that:

“If you went to school to specialize in wealth management or finance, you are likely paralyzed by this moment in time.”

The NFT in question is CryptoPunk 6275 which depicts a green zombie with a mohawk. Its transaction history shows that Pranksy bought the NFT for 1,000 Ethereum (ETH) worth $3.89 million on Sept.4.

Smith’s claim that the CryptoPunk was held for 26 minutes appears to be mistaken, as the transaction data shows that Pranksy held the NFT for six hours before selling it for $5.12 million later that day.

In response to Smith’s post, various users accused it of being a wash trade to pump the price of the asset. CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre — who thinks everything is a scam and is rich enough to make defamatory accusations without any evidence — questioned whether it was “to manipulate the market or launder money, or both… that is the only real question.”

Pranksy himself posted about the trade via Twitter on Sept. 5, and emphasized that liquidity is key when dealing with NFTs:

Rakuten to launch NFT marketplace

Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten is set to launch an NFT marketplace in the spring of 2022.

The Rakuten NFT marketplace will follow a similar route to Jack Ma’s Alibaba-based NFT platform, as it is aimed at enabling IP holders to sell their tokenized content from categories such as sports, entertainment, music and anime.

Along with ecommerce, Rakuten also provides services in sectors such as fintech, telecommunications and entertainment. The firm has stated that the new NFT marketplace will be linked to its other services, with users being able to acquire NFTs as prizes or rewards related to other products and services. There are also plans to enable users to redeem Rakuten points when trading on its NFT marketplace.

Rakuten is no stranger to crypto and blockchain tech, and Cointelegraph reported in March that the firm integrated its digital wallet with its e-commerce platform to enable customers to use Bitcoin for online shopping payments.

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FTX spammed with fish

Following the launch of FTX’s new NFT marketplace, the platform was spammed with so many pictures of fish that it temporarily changed its NFT submission fee to $500.

Founder and multi-billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried tweeted on Sept. 6 that ”due to the massive number of submissions, too many of which were just a picture of a fish, we are now charging a one-time $500 fee to submit NFTs.”

In response to the move, a significant number of users pointed out that the expensive fee structure will deter people from using the platform while highlighting that there are cheaper alternatives on the market.

It appears that Bankman-Fried was responsive to the concerns of the community, and revealed on Twitter that the platform removed the $500 fee, and instead will charge a flat $10 per minted NFT.


In rare NFT FUD, the NFL has reportedly barred all teams and members from crypto-related sponsorships and advertisements, as well as nonfungible token (NFT) sales until the league establishes a strategy “for sports digital trading cards and art.”

Cointelegraph reported on Sept.6 that Lobby Lobster NFTs depicting cartoon lobsters in suits raised more than $4 million to support lobbying efforts supporting the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector.

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