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Global Cryptocurrency Adoption Doubled Since January Reaching 221 Million Users: Report

crypto.comA new report issued by, a cryptocurrency exchange and fintech services firm, discovered that the number of people using cryptocurrencies has more than doubled since January, reaching 221 million last June. The report states that the rise of the defi movement, institutions like Tesla, Visa, Mastercard, and Microstrategy adopting cryptocurrency, and El Salvador establishing […]

Breaking NFTs to Pieces: These 4 Projects Are Fractionalizing Grimes, Banksy, Cryptopunk NFTs

Breaking NFTs to Pieces: These 4 Projects Are Fractionalizing Grimes, Banksy, Cryptopunk NFTsWhile non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles have been all the rage, a few projects have been developing the concept of fractionalized NFTs so investors without deep pockets can purchase shares of an expensive collectible. On Thursday, the firm Otis revealed that people can invest in an NFT created by the world-famous Canadian musician and record producer […]

Bank of Russia Exposes Nearly 150 Financial Pyramid Scams, Fraudsters Exploit Crypto Craze

Bank of Russia Exposes Nearly 150 Financial Pyramids, Fraudsters Exploit Crypto CrazeThe Central Bank of Russia (CBR) has identified 146 financial pyramid schemes in only six months this year. Fraudsters often lure people with weak financial literacy into investment scams linked to cryptocurrencies or crypto mining operations. Pyramid Schemes Thrive Amid Rising Investment Demand, Bank of Russia Says The number of financial pyramid scams uncovered by […]

Mexican Regulator: 12 Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Operating Illegally

mexicanSantiago Nieto Castillo, leader of the UIF, the Mexican financial regulator, has issued an alert that 12 cryptocurrency exchanges are operating illegally in the country. The regulator is now producing the necessary data for Mexican authorities to act against these exchanges. The institution receives information from 23 registered cryptocurrency exchanges reporting users’ transactions. Mexican Regulator […]

Financial Giant State Street Expands Cryptocurrency Services as Demand From Traditional Funds Soars

State Street Corp., one of the world’s leading providers of financial services to institutional investors, has announced the expansion of its crypto services in partnership with Lukka, an enterprise crypto asset data and software provider. State Street Launching New Crypto Services State Street Corp. announced new cryptocurrency services Thursday. The financial services firm “will provide […]

Mila Kunis’ ‘Stoner Cats’ NFT Sale Pulls in $8M — Animated Series Can Only Be Watched by NFT Holders

Mila Kunis' 'Stoner Cats' NFT Sale Pulls in $8M — Animated Series Can Only Be Watched by NFT HoldersA new non-fungible token (NFT) project crafted by the American actress and producer, Mila Kunis, has made millions selling NFTs tied to an animated series called “Stoner Cats.” The project is a show that will only allow token holders the ability to watch the upcoming series produced by Orchard Farm Productions, a studio owned by […]

Robinhood Raises Almost $2 Billion in IPO, Falls Short of Expected $35 Billion Valuation

robinhoodRobinhood, the fee-free cryptocurrency, stock, and options exchange, raised almost $2 billion in its initial public offering, reaching a valuation of $32 billion. While the company is more valuable than Nasdaq itself, the IPO failed to give the company an expected valuation of $35 billion. Robinhood trading will open today, with its shares trading under […]

US Marshals Service Hires Custodian for Seized Cryptocurrencies — Over 185K BTC Confiscated, Sold so Far

US Marshals Service Hires Custodian for Seized Cryptocurrencies — Over 185K BTC Confiscated, Sold so FarThe U.S. Marshals Service, a primary law enforcement agency of the Department of Justice (DOJ), has hired a new custodian for its seized cryptocurrencies. The agency has seized and auctioned off over 185K bitcoins so far. The United States Marshals Service (USMS) has selected Anchorage Digital to provide custody for cryptocurrencies seized in criminal cases, […]

Bitrue Aims to Democratize Token Listing Rights by Opening Voting Power to Users

Digital asset exchange Bitrue is seeking to engage its user community directly by distributing decision-making power for adding new token projects after the listing team thoroughly vets them. Platform Advancing Further Voting Powers in Future Updates Blockchain’s innate ability to decentralize products and services has long been among its key value propositions, especially when providing […]

Survey Shows 3 out of 4 Sports Fans Are Skeptical About the Longevity of NFT Investments

Survey Shows 3 out of 4 Sports Fans Are Skeptical About the Longevity of NFT InvestmentsOver the last year and a half, non-fungible tokens (NFT) have seen massive hype and millions of dollars worth of sales executed at auctions. A recent survey produced by shows sports fans are doubtful of the NFT craze as the poll’s findings show nearly three out of four people are “moderately skeptical” about the […]

Paypal Plans to Study Transactions That Fund Extremism, Anti-Government Groups

The payment processing giant Paypal has revealed it has partnered with the nonprofit organization the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). According to the announcement, Paypal is researching transactions settled on the payment network that allegedly fund hate groups and extremism. Paypal to Study Transactions With the Anti-Defamation League A report from Reuters notes that Paypal is studying […]

Relief Fund Has a Difficult Time Cashing Out the $1B Worth of SHIB Vitalik Buterin Donated

Relief Fund Has a Difficult Time Cashing Out the $1B Worth of SHIB Vitalik Buterin DonatedIn mid-May, the co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, donated $1 billion worth of shiba inu (SHIB) tokens to India’s Crypto Covid Relief Fund (CCRF). Close to three months later, the CCRF organizers say they have been having issues cashing out the SHIB tokens and so far, only $20 million has been paid out. It’s Not […]

Unique Addresses Tethered to Ethereum Defi Apps Climb Past 3 Million

Unique Addresses Tethered to Ethereum Defi Apps Climb Past 3 MillionThe number of users or unique addresses leveraging decentralized finance (defi) protocols via Ethereum has risen past 3 million according to recent statistics. A vast majority of these unique addresses use the defi protocol Uniswap, as 2.4 million users have been recorded since December 2018. Ethereum Defi Applications See Unique Addresses Surpass 3 Million According […]

Fireblocks Custody Company Raises $310 Million, Reaches $2 Billion Valuation

fireblocksFireblocks, a blockchain infrastructure firm, raised $310 million in its most recent funding round, reaching a valuation of $2 billion. The company, which specializes in the custody of digital assets, is interested in bringing traditional assets to the blockchain realm. Fireblocks expects this trend of digitalization to keep growing in the recent future. Fireblocks Raises […]

The NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers to Collaborate With Blockchain Firm

The NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers to Collaborate With Blockchain Firm Socios.comFollowing the announcement from the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Boston Celtics, the Cleveland Cavaliers has officially partnered with the blockchain firm The partnership is aimed at increasing the Socios brand and awareness via the Cavaliers’ global asset platform. Socios Partners With the Cavs On July 26, and the NBA team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, […]

Brazilian Burger King Customers Can Now Purchase Meat-Flavored Dog Biscuits With Dogecoin

According to regional reports, the Burger King franchise in Brazil has introduced a new type of food specifically made for canines called the “Dogeppr.” The new product is a dog biscuit that canine owners can purchase for their pets and the company is accepting dogecoin crypto payments for Dogeppr purchases. Burger King Brazil Introduces the […]

Brazilian Authorities Seize $33 Million in Money Laundering Investigation Linked to Cryptocurrency Exchanges

brazilianThe Brazilian authorities seized $33 million linked to a money-laundering investigation involving cryptocurrency exchanges. The operation, called “Exchange Transaction” by the Brazilian police, involved six search warrants in different locations of the country. These searches were directed to find shell companies that used cryptocurrency exchanges for alleged money laundering purposes. Brazilian Police Seize $33 Million […]

Finder’s Experts Predict Ethereum Will Reach $4.5K This Year, $18K in 2025

ethereumEthereum will have a very bullish year, according to a price prediction poll made by Finder. The average price that the second-ranked crypto asset by market capitalization will reach this year is about $4.5K, according to polled experts in the cryptocurrency industry. The panel is also bullish about ethereum long term, expecting a price of […]

Thorchain Trolled by Hacker After Two Successful Seven-Figure Exploits

Thorchain, a popular defi protocol, has been compromised twice in the last two weeks, resulting in losses of over $10,000,000. The hacker responsible for the latest exploit left behind a message detailing the measures that should be undertaken to protect users. Hacker Returns to the Scene to Lecture on Security In another blow against the […]

Kubernetes Clusters Used to Mine Monero by Attackers

kubernetesAttackers are abusing an attack vector present in one of the most popular execution engines (Argo Workflows) to repurpose Kubernetes systems to mine cryptocurrencies. The attack exploits a vulnerability in the system of permissions of Argo Workflows machines connected to the internet, deploying malicious workflows that install Monero-based containers. Attackers Leveraging Argo Workflows for Crypto […]

Tesla Q2-2021 Earnings Call to Shed Light on Its Bitcoin Holdings

Tesla Q2-2021 Earnings Call to Shed Light on Its Bitcoin HoldingsThe upcoming Tesla Q2-2021 earnings call, which will be announced this Monday after market hours, will at last shed some light on what has happened with the company’s bitcoin holdings. The company held more than 1.5 billion dollars in bitcoin on Q1 and has reported only one sale to “test the market’s liquidity” according to […]

Jack Dorsey Calls Bitcoin a ‘Big Part’ of Twitter’s Future as a Global Currency

Jack Dorsey Calls Bitcoin a 'Big Part' of Twitter's Future as a Global CurrencyTwitter CEO Jack Dorsey says that bitcoin will be a big part of the company’s future. “If the Internet has a native currency, a global currency, we are able to move so much faster with products such as Super Follows, Commerce, Subscriptions, Tip Jar, and we can reach every single person on the planet,” he […]

This Year’s Gallup Poll Findings Suggest 6% of US Investors Own Bitcoin

This Year's Gallup Poll Findings Suggest 6% of US Investors Own BitcoinYoung U.S. investors are more interested in bitcoin investments than they were three years ago, according to a poll stemming from the Gallup Investor Optimism Index. This year’s poll surveyed 1,037 participants and findings suggest 6% of American investors own bitcoin. American Bitcoin Investors Increase by 4% in 3 Years The American survey and analytics […]

Group of Salvadorans Take to the Streets to Protest El Salvador’s New Bitcoin Law

Group of Salvadorans Take to the Streets to Protest El Salvador's New Bitcoin LawWhile some Salvadorans situated near Playa El Zonte beach like the new bitcoin tender law implemented by Nayib Bukele’s regime, a number of other citizens dislike the law. This week, regional reports show citizens from El Salvador have taken to the streets to protest the bitcoin tender law. Salvadoran Protestors Say Bitcoin Is ‘Too Volatile’ […]

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