Category: Bitcoin Price Index

Scattered Gains Bring Respite after Midweek Crash, But Many Alts Continue to See Losses

Crypto markets have slightly stabilized today, although many major coins continue to shed value.
Friday, September 7: after the midweek bloodbath, crypto markets have sl…

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Bitcoin Seals Further Gains in a Mostly Green Market as Ethereum Fails to Break $300

Crypto markets are largely green today, with Bitcoin (BTC) inching upwards yet further to push the $7,400 price point.
Tuesday, September 4: crypto markets are largely g…

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Notes From the Brink: Reasons Behind the Crypto Bear Market

Cointelegraph takes stock of a week in which double-digit losses wreaked havoc on many high-profile cryptos, and Bitcoin (BTC) momentarily fell through its $6,000 support.

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