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What is Swift Demand?

Swift Demand is an attempt at basic income. Each user who is signed up for the service receives 100 swifts each day. No additional swifts can be created with time or resources. No user can gain any other ‘advantage’ when it comes to acquiring swifts.

How Else Can I Get Swifts?
Additional swifts can temporarily be generated through referrals at the rate of 500 Swifts per referral. After 5,000,000 users have been reached these bonuses will disappear and income generation will be the sole source of new swifts.

How can I withdraw Swifts to an external wallet?
The SwiftDemand blockchain is currently in progress. Swifts cannot be removed from SwiftDemand at this time. Once the blockchain has been completed, withdrawals to external wallets will be possible.

What is Swift ID?
Your Swift ID is the ID that you chose when you signed up for SwiftDemand. Other users can use it to send Swifts to your account if they are trying to find you. Please note: You do not need to interact with your Swift ID to claim Swifts.

When will Swifts be on an exchange?
We are currently working on building the technology required to make the Swift Protocol possible. Once the technology has been completed, we will begin the process of talking with various exchanges. We unfortunately cannot make any promises as to exactly when this will be finalized.

What will happen to my Swifts when it becomes a cryptocurrency?
All of your Swifts will be converted to the new cryptocurrency at a 1:1 ratio automatically. You don’t need to worry about anything.

What is the total supply of Swifts?
There are different supplies set aside for the development of the platform, funding proposals, and the basic income that is distributed. Please read the white paper linked above for a more detailed description.

What Is Basic Income?
Basic income is a concept where all people in a specific group are given a fixed amount of unconditional income. Ideally basic income should reduce poverty and help decrease the wage gap between the rich and the poor improving the quality of society.

Is This A Cryptocurrency?
SwiftDemand is currently a digital currency and will soon become a full cryptocurrency. In mid-2018 all Swifts on SwiftDemand will be transferred at a 1:1 ratio onto the new Swift blockchain.

How Do I Send Swifts?
Swifts can be sent by going to your account page and typing in the Swift ID of the person or business you wish to send swifts to as well as the amount of swifts you wish to send. Simple click ‘Send’ and the transaction will be complete.

Are There Any Costs Associated With Sending Swifts?
Each transaction has a 3% fee as well as a 2 swift fee. The fee is used to support the development of Swift Demand, pay for the costs associated with hosting and supporting the service, and allow us to provide protection for users or businesses that were deceived during a transaction.

Will Everyone Always Get 100 Swifts?
The amount of Swifts generated will slowly reduce over time until the cap of 100 billion Swifts have been reached. The rate of increase will eventually be set to a healthy inflation rate that is in line with the concept of basic income.

Why Do I Need To Actively Claim My Swifts?
Actively requiring users to claim swifts lets Swift Demand ensure the user is both alive and wishes to obtain their daily allowance. It also requires users to be actively engaged with Swift Demand and encourages them to use their income regularly.

Is There A Limit To How Many Unclaimed Swifts I Can Have?
Yes, the current limit to unclaimed swifts is 7x the daily allowance of 100 Swifts. This means that if you can’t go over 700 unclaimed swifts and will be unable to gain more unclaimed swifts until those are claimed.

Are Swifts Tied To Real World Currency?
No, Swifts are not tied to real world currency in any way and do not represent a specific amount of currency or value of any form. Swifts are only worth as much as someone else is willing to pay for them.

What Are Vendor Accounts?
Vendor accounts are business accounts which allow transactions to be more easily managed from a buisness point of view. Each vendor account must be associated with exactly one normal owner account. There is no requirement that vendor accounts must be associated with a registered business. If you wanted to set up a lemonade stand and create a vendor account to accept swifts, you may.

How Are Vendor Accounts Different From Normal Accounts?
Vendor accounts are not user accounts and thus do not generate any swifts by themselves. In the future a feature may be added to allow vendors to be rated to let users know whether or not a particular vendor is trustable.

How Will You Ensure Each Person Has Only 1 Account?
Additional personal information will be required for users to create accounts in the future to ensure the identity of an individual and to prevent them from creating additional accounts. Old accounts will also require you to update your information to continue claiming your swifts. Accounts found violating the terms of service will be promptly suspended and swifts will be deleted. Anyone found breaking the rules will receive a 1 year ban from being able to receive swifts. Be aware that in the early days of the site while Swift Demand is focusing on growth there may be the possibility for more abuse until we have the means to verify identities.

Will The Transaction Fees Stay The Same?
Transaction fees may raise or fall depending on how much it costs to maintain Swift Demand. All fee changes will be announced at least 1 month before they are implemented. Personal friend to friend transactions may eventually become free in the future as well.